Be back in a bit Monday, Apr 7 2008 

With my health improving only slowly and the semester drawing to a close, I need to take a break from non-essentials for a while. I fully intend to make good on my promise to examine some of St. Al Plantinga’s works, and I have even gotten a few of his books and some secondary sources sitting on my shelf.

Anyway, this new WordPress thingy is kind of strange but less clumsy. Still way better than Blogger.


I’m Back Tuesday, Feb 26 2008 

From a multitude of things. A quasi-religious foray ending with some major health problems (coincidence?).  Anyway, I plan on being fairly active again barring another plunge into health-hell.

I’m going to be gone for a while Friday, Dec 7 2007 

Finals and stuff, so in the meantime enjoy this absolutely wonderful talk by a physics grandfather.

November in review Saturday, Dec 1 2007 

Alright, last month was my first full month blogging here, so I thought I would reminisce a tad. I see that I made it through three books, and wrote pitifully short descriptions of them. Not that anyone takes my bullshit for real, but this is more about personal integrity than anything.

Some of my blog entries were pretty dumb. The best one was about a snappy old lady who wasn’t about to be swept off her feet over the Nobel Prize, and the best written thing was a poem by Emily Dickinson. I guess that was pretty awesome of me to find though.

I also went on a political spree, which is nice because I conjure up visitors and all I have to do is point out the bullshit of politicians, which is easier than anything in the world (besides…get ready for it…a Clinton intern). If you cannot tell by now I am a libertarian of sorts, and I am looking forward to supporting my dead candidate all the way through to the end. It beats supporting any of the other candidates.

Lastly, I picked on someone with Parkinson’s disease.

All in all, a pretty good month.

Back Sunday, Nov 25 2007 

A small break from blogging/homework was just the thing that the doctor ordered. I had a wonderful thanksgiving, and took the time off to read some material on the founders. Right now I find myself entrenched in 1776 by the venerable David McCullough. This is an astounding book, and one that I am a little upset that I passed over for so long. I cannot recommend this book enough. The only thing that I wish was a little different is the amount of time spent on the political game that was being played, but I hear this is remedied by his other book on John Adams.

Anyway, vote Ron Paul!

I’m sick of baseball Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

Yeah yeah, the Yankees are the bad guys with a 200 million dollar payroll. Years of bitching by the Red Sox and God finally alleviated their misery (no one likes picking on the retarded kid for long). Now guess what, the little ‘ol BoSox with their bloated budget are about to steamroll a fairy NL team that miraculously made it into the playoffs. Sorry to tell you this Red Sox Nation, but this is the reason MLB is losing fans to football- it just isn’t that cool to buy yourself a World Series. I pray to God that the Sox win it just so it becomes that much more pathetic that they went so long without winning it. They should have been winning it.

Reason #873 that football is better than baseball.