Hell no. At least, you won’t find me in the voting booth checking his name. Apparently he is winning folks over:

IF Barack Obama wins in November, we could have not only our first president who is an African-American, but also our first president who is a civil libertarian. Throughout his career, Mr. Obama has been more consistent than Hillary Clinton on issues from the Patriot Act to bans on flag burning. At the same time, he has reached out to Republicans and independents to build support for his views. Mrs. Clinton, by contrast, has embraced some of the instrumental tacking of Bill Clinton, whose presidency disappointed liberal and conservative civil libertarians on issue after issue.


I have to admit that I have been somewhat impressed by Obama’s stance on civil liberties. However, I just can’t forgive the fact that he thinks the Big Stanky (the Fed) should be so proactive about enforcing/legislating them. Now, the previously linked to article gives a mess of supposed libertarian-ish moves he has made in the past. I do think that these achievements bumped him ahead of the omni-pandering Hillary in my book.