For the most part, I dislike James White. I find his style of writing highly defensive and his philosophical beliefs indefensible. It is difficult for me to imagine someone that has actually spent some time in Calvinism/Arminian debates even slightly attracted to Dortian positions. In any case, I was really hoping that he would take Dick to task in this video clip. Unfortunately, he does not. Have a looksy:

What is funny is that James White is apparently saying that people can choose their religious beliefs (known as doxastic voluntarism), and I am nearly certain that a Calvinist cannot say that. No, for him God capriciously chooses random people, all equally deserving of wrath, to spend eternity in heaven with him.

I’ll hop off that soap-box for now. Jimmy does not appear to be very impressed with Dawkins retort to the question “what if you’re wrong?”. I think that Dawkins answer is fine here. There are thousands of gods that Christians and atheists both upset on a daily basis, so this question is not solely for the atheist. No one is a part of every religion, so we all are pissing off some deity or another. The question is simply irrelevant. As much as I hate to say it, Jimmy got pwnd by Dick.

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