Alright, last month was my first full month blogging here, so I thought I would reminisce a tad. I see that I made it through three books, and wrote pitifully short descriptions of them. Not that anyone takes my bullshit for real, but this is more about personal integrity than anything.

Some of my blog entries were pretty dumb. The best one was about a snappy old lady who wasn’t about to be swept off her feet over the Nobel Prize, and the best written thing was a poem by Emily Dickinson. I guess that was pretty awesome of me to find though.

I also went on a political spree, which is nice because I conjure up visitors and all I have to do is point out the bullshit of politicians, which is easier than anything in the world (besides…get ready for it…a Clinton intern). If you cannot tell by now I am a libertarian of sorts, and I am looking forward to supporting my dead candidate all the way through to the end. It beats supporting any of the other candidates.

Lastly, I picked on someone with Parkinson’s disease.

All in all, a pretty good month.