The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America

I’m only four chapters into it right now, so maybe I should not comment on it. I will anyway though. This has been an absolutely delightful read this far. To be honest, when one thinks of intellectual history we tend to ignore early America, but this book shows how wrong we are. I’m knee deep into the story of Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., and I must say that I’ve been shocked by quite a few of the things I’ve been reading. For example, I never knew the struggle between the unionists and the abolitionists was that bad. I also didn’t think that Emerson had much to do with that entire political and ethical scene going on in the North (but be honest, reading Emerson detaches you from political scrums). Apparently Wendell Holmes and Emerson had quite a bit of contact with each other, and even a feud.

More to come on this later.