The future of an Evansville-based company that produces a “private voluntary barter currency” known as the Liberty Dollar is in question after federal agents raided the facility this week, according to an e-mail sent by its founder.

This is the worst kind of thing to happen. The creators of the Liberty Dollar did nothing illegal and were raided by the FBI. Have questions about the raid? Follow these simple steps:

FBI Agent Wendy Osborne, a spokeswoman for the FBI’s Indianapolis office, directed all questions on the raid to the Western District of North Carolina U.S. Attorney’s Office. A spokeswoman there said she had no information on the investigation.

This is terrorism on the American people, and the American people do not care. We need to pursue answers on this one. According to the report, the feds took:

*All the gold
*All the silver
*All the platinum
*Two tons of the new “Ron Paul” money (cheesy title, but no reason to steal it)


This Orwellian action is absolutely disgraceful for the American government. They have absolutely overstepped their bounds and we need to call them out on it.