I am very skeptical that the universe as we know it is a so-called “closed system”. There are some counterintuitive results that follow from the Causal Closure Thesis that are too much for me to swallow:

1) There is no free will

From where I sit, this is an unacceptable result. I am as if I control me, and not in any compatibilistic bastardized fashion.

2) Mental content is unexplicable

Why should it matter what the thoughts in my mind are? It’s not as if my mind could ever cause anything that it is riding on. Of course, this is odd if it is true. Every time I eat a juicy cheeseburger it seems to be the prior series of mental events that leads to that first bite.

3) Rationality is miraculous

If every event has some physical cause, and physical causes are not goal-oriented but  rather mechanical, then we should expect that mental events are not goal-oriented. However, rationality is often teleological, so something has to give. My guess is that not all events have physical causes.

You see, we true skeptics don’t need to jump the gun on what is implied from any of this. It appears that strict forms of physicalism are false, but why should that be so surprising? Physicalism is not itself a scientific hypothesis, and is a shaky philosophical assumption at best, so why not just reject it?