I used to just think of the guy as that poor scientist that keeps wandering into things beyond his field of study. But now that Christians began the “body-count game” with atheists (Hitchens in particular) Dawkins complains about it? Here’s a clue, Dick: YOU STARTED IT. Maybe you forgot about the majority of the content in New Atheism books? What an idiot.
Here is the way I see it-

Men are mean.
Both Atheists and Christians are men.
Atheists and Christians are mean.

That’s why this is such a bullshit debate. We’ve evolved to be dicks to one another. It is not that people were angels before religion came about. Nah, we were ripping and biting and hitting way before some wrinkled old fart sat himself down on some make-believe throne of power.
If anything, Dawkins, ye olde lover of things memetic, should see religion as a useful way of exploiting the weak to further the the devious plans of the strong. Seriously man, you are ruining it for the rest of us.
Stop being a bitch.